New Mercies

We drove home from Maine, fully restored, relaxed and ready to go on living. My husband and I so love road trips; we have our favorite CD’s and radio programs, snacks in our little cooler, and we enjoy each other’s company. So that’s what we were doing on Saturday when all of a sudden a very large deer ran in front of us on the highway and … my husband swirved, did his best to avoid it, but … well, the deer won. Or rather it lost, since its life ended right there on the road. The car shook, the lights went out and Rich managed to get unto the curb and stop. With racing hearts, we tried to get out of the car to see the damage. He managed quite well, but my door would not open.
The front of the car was pretty much destroyed. Our hearts settled down, and we called on the Lord to know what to do. He faithfully showed us, and life went on. The car is in the shop, we’ve got a rental, and we are well.
There was a great temptation to get angry, but we chose to trust our God and deal with what was in front of us; I love how unaffected we were–that is surely the work of God in us. I am amazed when I consider His ability to change us, to help us yield to Him rather to our feelings or situations. What an awesome God we serve! Indeed, for His pleasure we were created, and for His pleasure we live.


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