Christmas Season

People all around me are stressed out, running in and out of malls, talking about how busy they are… only so many days left until Christmas, you know.
I am at such a different place this year; not quite sure what happened. I am simply taking the time to enjoy each moment of the season. Last week-end, my daughter and I went to see the Rockettes in Pittsburgh and we had so much fun–it sure put me into the “holiday mood.” Then, I had my office Christmas party, and the next day we went shopping, but nice and slow, just savoring the moments. I bought most of my Christmas online. Lots of them aren’t quite buyable though, this year. They are the fruit of much thought and ingenuity, but I don’t want to give it all away since I am not sure who is reading this…
The next couple of week-ends are full with fun stuff, time away with my hubby at Green Gables where we will sit in front of the fireplace and dream together, time with very old and faithful friends where we will simply drink of the joy of our friendship, a bit more shopping and baking, and some wrapping of course. But I am simply living each hour as it comes, so thankful for the grace that has come and causes me to live in His peace.
I made some pumpkin muffins, and the house smells heavenly. I’ve got some candles lit, and the lights sparkle outside. Andreas Bocelli is singing to me about Mary and her baby child. I think I’m going to serve myself a nice glass of Shirah and simply sit and delight myself in that “baby child” who has now become my amazing Savior.


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