Oprah’s question

In Oprah’s January O Magazine, she poses an interesting question divided in three: what is your most useful tool? what tool should we do without? what tool should be invented? Maybe not in those words, but that was the sense of the questions. Really makes me think–only one answer per tool, though! So here are my answers as of today; I am guessing it would change over the seasons of my life.

What is my most useful tool?
At this point, I would have to say a pen. I am a writer, and I think, look, act in words. Without a pen, I cannot put my thoughts down and I am afraid that I could lose them… I much prefer a computer, but a pen always works.
What tool should we do without?
That’s a tough one… I am thinking about all tools that make face-to-face communication unnecessary, but I can’t count in my pen, or my phone really, because it is a must in today’s world… how about texting? I watch kids text all day long, all while they are talking to other people in front of them. I see very little concentrated conversations these days, people always do 5 or 6 things at the same time. I would love to go back to real talks, one-on-one, and no texting. There, I said it!
What tool should be invented?
Something that speaks to you and motivates you when you have nothing left in you. It reads your mind and speaks what you need to hear. But that is Holy Spirit and the Word of God, so I guess it is way older than any of us and doesn’t need to be invented! How about a machine that cleans your entire house for you and irons clothes? I like that!

What answers would you give? Please leave a response–it will be interesting to see!


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