Tiny Dots

My friend June reminded me today of another friend of ours and his artwork. His name is Ryan Halliwell. I guess he must be about 25 years old; he is kind, thoughtful, has an eye for photography and is an amazing artist. Some of his pieces involve tiny dots. They are entirely made up of the smallest little dots, somewhat like the impressionists did, but in simple ink, all one color. Not quite sure how many dots a “painting” takes, maybe millions, or billions? Never counted them. His attention to details is impressive, and the result is breathtaking. Can’t wait to have one of these hanging in my living room.
But June’s point today wasn’t about the art work itself, but rather about the fact that these millions/billions of dots create a sharp image of something. Each dot is needed, no matter how tiny, or big, or thick, or thin. The picture is only complete because each single dot performs its duty, takes its place in the greater scheme of things. She compared the whole picture to the body of Christ, each dot representing one of us, the ordinary people that make us the church. Not one dot is more important than the others, and even more vital, not one less important than the billion others! Together, as we each take our place, we display the breathtaking finished work of Jesus.
I love that picture. I think I am going to chew on this for awhile. Thank you June, and thank you Ryan. What beautiful dots you are!


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