A new beginning

I love new beginnings. They smell fresh and full of hope. In the past, I have always written down goals in the beginning of each year, and went over them a few times throughout the year. At the end of the 365 days, I considered where I have been, what I had planned and how far I had come. It’s been good, rewarding and fruitful.
This year, as I was on my walk in the woods with Jesus a couple days ago, I realized that I had not made my traditional list of goals… what was up? Nobody ever had to remind me to do this in the past, it’s always been a highlight of the new year. So I presented myself to Him, and asked for some insight. What do I really want for this new year? What is my heart’s desire?
Even though there are “things” I desire, goals I have for my growth in many areas, dreams I hold for my children, I can’t think of one thing more thrilling, more enticing, more wonderful than knowing Him more. Life is so worth living when I am in His presence, involved with who He is, obedient to His grace. When I know Him intimately and have a sense of Him with me, my spirit makes summersaults on the inside of me, my soul leaps with joy and my body comes into divine order. To know Him is to live indeed.
The ground was covered with a thick blanket of snow on that particular walk, and I treaded carefully, following in someone else’s footprints on the snow since it made it somewhat easier to move forward. I came to a crossroad in the woods, and the footprints would have taken me through my familiar route. The other road, unknown to me, was untouched–no footprints on the snow blanket yet. The Lord beckoned me that way.
“But I don’t know that way Lord,” I said. “What if I get lost? And there are no footprints there.” Then I remembered my meditation of a few minutes before: nothing is better than knowing Him. Oh, that’s how it might have to go this year: knowing Him might mean treading unfamiliar grounds, maybe even uncomfortable.
I treaded carefully over the unforged snow blanket, holding on tight to His hand. It was unknows, challenging and utterly delightful.
All other dreams pale in the presence of my King.


One comment

  1. Oh what a great perspective! I always look at the changing of the year with more than a little sadness for the thing that remained unaccomplished, the opportunities passed without taking hold…It's nice to be reminded that it's not the opportunities, but rather His hand that I have to take hold of. Everything will fall into place in His presence. Thank you. Your writing blesses my soul.


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