My Job

I love my job. I would have never ever chosen it for myself, as I had no idea that I was a motivator; only God could have known those things about me, and He knew how to bring them out of me. It was innocent enough–a gift certificate to a class at our local YMCA, Christmas gift from my daughter years ago. This started the ball rolling, and I wound up becoming a personal trainer at the Y. From there, I created their bootcamp, then I eventually asked to train people in my home. My own business grew. Somehow, a chiropractor called me and asked me to become his physical therapy assistant and I learned a lot about muscles. While working there, a company called me and asked if I would become their corporate personal trainer… I said yes. None of this was my own doing, “it” all unfolded for me as I put my hand to what was in front of me. Wild, to say the least…
When I look back at my life, I am always amazed how He uses the smallest things to totally change us. I am encouraged to not discard the seemingly meaningless events of everyday life. Only He knows which ones will bear incredible fruit. So I am going to live fully today, and put my hand to what He places in front of me. The rest is up to Him, but I know the best is yet to come.


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