I am desperate, unable to set myself free in any way. There is no way out for me, unless the Lord revamps me altogether. I myself have tried time and time again and failed miserably. I wait for His touch every day of my life. I sense Him with me, He comforts my soul, but my deliverance is “touch and go”–two steps forwards and twenty backwards. So what’s the deal? I know that my Redeemer lives and He is well able to do the impossible. But I remain bound. I don’t like it.
“You take a step,” says the Lord.
But I have taken twenty and I’m back where I started.
“You take a step,” says the Lord. “You know how to do that.”
I want YOU to do it, I whimper.
“You take a step,” He says again. And then He is quiet.
I better take a step.