Black Bean Brownies

I made my black bean brownies last week. I know that sounds gross, but they are actually very good and don’t contain any flour–an ingredient I am not too fond of. Anyway, I have this nasty –but yummy!– habit of tasting the dough before I bake it, so just as I was about to put the pan in the oven, I dipped my little finger in it and tasted the dough. Disgusting! I retraced my steps in my mind; what did I forget to do? Black beans, eggs, vanilla…maple syrup, that was it! I had forgotten the maple syrup. The dough got dumped back into the blender, I added the missing ingredient, blended the whole thing and poured the dough back in the pan. This afternoon, I just had the last little piece of my delicious black bean brownies. I am planning on making them again before the end of the week…
But here’s my point: one little ingredient missing, and the whole thing was repulsive.
My husband and I were talking the other day about life in general, and what it would be like to live without the guidance of God’s Word. Horrifying at the least, totally impossible for sure. His Word is truly a light unto our path, it leads us and tells us which step to take next, helps us to develop sound thinking. It is the measuring stick against which all events, all feelings, all things of life get measured, big or small. It is our lifeline at any moment. Yet it is the missing ingredient in so many people’s lives… no word, no guidance, no hope, no sound thinking… horrifying at the least, totally impossilbe for sure!


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