What do you love?

Sit back and think about it a while. What do you really love?

I really love waking up on Saturday morning without the alarm clock, and enjoying a hot cup of strong coffee either in bed or sitting in my sunroom.
I really love when I see God at work in a person’s life; it thrills me beyond words, and I want to dance all over.
I really love when I see that my kids are happy and balanced.
I really love spending time with my precious friends. More and more I see that they are a gift of God to me, and I treasure the times we have together.
I really love getting a great deal when I go shopping.
I really love evenings when we simply sit with a good glass of dry red wine, some candles and really smooth music; then we begin to talk and dream–it does my heart good.
I really love organizing things.
I really, really love when I can tell that my husband is happy, and I am so thrilled if I am part of the reason.
I really, really love my times with Jesus when I know that we are having sweet fellowship and His presence is tangeable.
I really, really love clean, crisp sheets!
I really love when He just speaks a word and I am completely delivered from wrong thinking and entanglements. How does He do that?
I really, really love going on a road trip!
I really, really love not being rushed and delighting in the moment.
I really love a good book…
I really love the feeling when I know I did what I was supposed to do and did it well to the glory of God.
I really, really love being aware that I am useful.
I really, really love being loved by my God and my husband.

I am thankful for my life. He loves to cause me to enjoy it.
What about you? What do you really, really love?


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