About two years ago, my husband and I decided to take a couple of days away from the routine of everyday life every six weeks or so and go somewhere. We have a few favorite places* that we love to return to, but we also enjoy discovering new areas. These times away are always wonderful; they change as we do, riding the waves of our lives. Sometimes they are busy, intellectually exciting and challenging. At other times, they are laid back with no plans at all. They always seem just right.
This week-end, we went to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere right in a winter wonderland. Within a couple of hours, we moved to the rhythm of nature with the fireplace working overtime. We sat on the porch in sub-freezing temperatures and took in the stillness all around us. We cooked a couple of fantastic meals, enjoyed fine wine and Amaretto. We played stupid games. We dreamed and talked, talked, talked the hours away, alive to each other and life itself.
This morning, we had coffee in bed as we delighted in our last few moments together in the cabin. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I had a revelation. I realized what I love in life , what I want to do with the rest of my days as far as work is concerned, how to go about it, or at least how to begin to move toward it right now. I just knew. So simple, so clear. I smiled and told my husband.
We packed our stuff, cleaned the little cabin and loaded the car. We got back home and put everything away, answered emails and phone calls, checked on our friends and world news. And life goes on, but there is a skip in my step and a new smile on my heart. Time away does that, you know.
I find that God often speaks to me when I am in a relaxed state. I guess it would be more accurate to say that when I am relaxed, I am much more in tune with Him and I become aware that He is speaking to my heart. Today, He dropped something into my spirit and I recognized His touch. I am richer for having heard Him, more focused and eternally thankful for His guidance in my life.
Now, I’ll just ease back into my everyday life with that skip in my step and that new smile on my heart.

* http://www.hide-awaycottages.net/ near Sigel, PA
*Huddleson Court at Green Gables in Jennerstown, PA
*The William Penn Hotel in Pittsburg
*http://www.ahintofeurope.com in Wellsboro, PA