Where have you been lately?

Why are you not at rest today, my heart?

Nothing changed. Your God is still on the throne. The angels still worship Him, and the demons tremble before Him today as much as they did yesterday. The sun still declared His lovingkindness to you this morning, and the moon will remind you tonight that He has been faithful all day long—and you know this quite well.
Nothing changed overnight. He still looks at you through the blood of His Son. He still endows you with Holy Spirit to guide you through your journey. His plans for you have not been altered; His love for you is everlasting. Your God is not moody—but you know this already.

So why aren’t you at rest today, my heart?
Where have you been lately? Has your mouth been filled with songs of praise? Have your ears been caressed with His wonderful voice? Have your feet and hands been involved with every good work He has prepared for you? And what about your eyes, dear heart—have they been feasting on all that is lovely, pure, worthy of praise?

Your sparkless eyes are full of torment. Your silence speaks louder than words. It seems to me that you’ve been infiltrated by the filth of this place… An enemy has deceived you, dear heart. You must put him back in his place, under the feet of your victorious Savior. Do you remember whose you are? You are God’s property. He requires a simple and pure devotion to Him; all other pursuits will leave you unsettled.

Do you hear Him calling out to you? Turn quickly, dear heart, turn quickly. Let Him wash away the stain of this place. He will bathe your feet, and you will be completely clean.


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