I am unexplainably loved by the Creator of the Universe.
Before I was even a thought in my parents’ minds, the King of all kings carried me in His heart. My Maker knew my name, my likes and dislikes, my quirks, my loveliness and all of my ugliness. The LORD above all others delighted in me.
I am deeply humbled by His bounderless love. He doesn’t ever waver because of my behavior, speech or even thoughts–and He knows them all. The Rock of ages has chosen to put His love on me outside of time, deeds, explanations, Brownie points. He Himself is the origin of this love, and it is fueled by His very heart.
The lover of my soul delights in me, He enjoys me, He laughs with me. He is particularly fond of me. He tucks me in at night and wakes me up with a song. He carefully stands watch over me through the dark hours of my life. His eye is ever on me to do me good.
My heart melts within me when He reminds me of His absolute love. My heart swells with unspeakable hope when His love carries me into intimate fellowship with Him. My heart bubbles with joy when I taste of Him. In the blink of an eye, I know that I can do all things. I can climb the highest mountain and cross the deepest sea. I believe that nothing is impossible, ever. I am convinced that no matter what happens, His presence with me will be more than enough.
His love received stands me up on the inside.