From Stranger to Precious

When I don’t understand someone’s words or behavior, I generally am not inclined to reach out to them. Strangers hold no special place in my heart. They are just that–strangers. But once I see their faces a few times, they become familiar and I begin to notice certain things about them: Elizabeth loves the color yellow, and Theodor is a sports nut. Did you see how Maria’s eyes light up when music is present? And Philip, he really dislikes history; Anita is hilarious, and John has a heart of gold… These strangers now have names, and little by little their personalities are revealed to me and I begin to care about them.

I was attracted to my husband long before we officially met, but I really knew nothing about him, besides the fact that he was American, loved the Lord Jesus and played the guitar. As we hung out in the same circles, I began to find out more about him. We even struck some conversations, and listening to him taught me much about who he is, what he is passionate about, and what upsets him. Attraction turned into a strong liking, which turned into love and the rest is history.
I love him more now then when it all first started. I read his face like a book, and his body language always lets me know where he is at. We can look at each other and know what’s going on. At times, our silence speaks better than words. I get less and less frustrated with him because I understand what makes him tick, and why he reacts certain ways. We’ll be married 30 years this summer, and the adventure just gets sweeter as we allow each other more and more entry into all that we are. For me, to know my husband is to love him; it’s that simple. We get each other, and that is a wonderful place to be.

Throughout history, God has revealed Himself to His people through various ways. He spoke through creation, through the prophets, through miracles and disasters. He always wanted His people to see Him in what was happening, because He wanted to be known by them. He knew that as they would see Him as He truly is, they would love to give themselves over to Him.
You and I are part of a most exciting time in the history of mankind, because in these last days, God has explained Himself through Jesus, His Son. He is the very reflection of who God is. Once you get Jesus, you get God! In Jesus, you can see what God is really like: His preferences, what His heart is like, how He thinks about everything. In Jesus, God held nothing back–He freely showed Himself as He is, all of Him totally revealed in the person of His beloved Son.
Why would He do that, I wondered? The truth is more wonderful than I can grasp–He wants me to get Him! He really, really wants me to understand Him, to know Him fully. He knows that as I see Him as He truly is, I will love to give myself over to Him. He so desires intimacy with me that He let it all out in Jesus, His Son. What you see is what you get, God Himself.


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  1. Thank you for this Aunt Barbara, it will forever astound, excite and bless me that God wants me to truly know Him. John 17:3 will probably be my favourite Bible verse ever…”and this is eternal life that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” It's totally the point. I love it!


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