I love bridges.
Life would be pretty tough without bridges. Not only are they fascinating, but they are very useful. They take you from one place to another in a way nothing else does. There are expanses impossible to cross unless we use the bridges built just for that purpose.
Bridges are very humbling to me; they remind me that I need help to get where I want to go. Sometimes, all the wanting of the worlds, all the “I think I should,” and all the “it’s the right thing to do” aren’t enough. I have to be willing to use the bridge that’s there for me; it helps me cross from here to there…
I remember wanting to be free from the great sin of overeating. The Scriptures call it gluttony—such an ugly word, isn’t it? Anyway… to cross the sea that goes from overeating to self-control seemed unattainable to me. I know that I am called to work out my salvation by trusting Him and yielding moment by moment, but somehow, this one challenge seemed insurmountable.
“I create bridges,” God whispered to my heart. Bridges? He called them bridges. I saw them as simple rules of living that carried me from point A to point B—like “stop and think before you eat,” or “commit your way to Him,” or “go do what you have to do before you have that second piece of cake,” or “obedience delights God’s heart.” Until it became such a normal part of my life that I found myself free. These bridges were as a tutor for me, carrying me from bondage to total freedom.

I have great aspirations in life; I long to become what He has called me to be. But the fulfillment of that calling will require such drastic changes that I get a little scared. Am I ready for such a ride? Am I willing to pay the cost? I don’t know… and how do I go about bringing it all about about? That’s when God reminds me of bridges. I love bridges.



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