I have said it for so long, and meant it every time:I love my job! Training people, helping them lose weight and become who they really are on the inside, coaching them into a healthy lifestyle that allows them to realize more of their potential, that is what I am all about—it makes my heart soar. Yet the routine of everyday life has worn me down, and I had become complacent, doing just what is expected of me and no more. I go to work to earn the money to buy the bread to come home to eat the bread to go to work to earn the money… Complacency is deceptive; it makes you think this is the way it is, and you forget your dreams.
God used a conference to wake me up on the inside. Do you remember when you couldn’t wait to get to work, Barbara? Do you remember when you wanted each training session to be your very best? Do you remember the thrill of knowing you were at the right place at the right time? Do you remember the awareness that you actually truly made a difference in that person’s day—and maybe life?
I didn’t resist the questions and answered them. I sat under wise instruction and let myself be worked with. A little engine has started up again on the inside of me, very quietly at first. But I hear it revving up; it fills my mind, my heart, my body. Hope has been conceived once more within me. It is growing, getting ready to be birthed. I want to live like I mean it. Today, right this minute. I am going to give life all that I am. I already feel ten years younger. Bring it on, I am ready!


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