Total Abandonment

Total Abandonment
Having left my house a few minutes late, I rushed across town to get to my weekly prayer meeting last Thursday morning. Until I hit constructions… I slammed on the brakes and sat in the ever growing line of cars. So much for trying to get there on time… I hate waiting in traffic. I could feel myself getting anxious, so I took a deep breath and let my eyes wonder to the sides of the road while I waited for the traffic to move, one very slow minute at a time.
That’s when I saw them: a young dad was standing on his porch to my left with a child of three—maybe four—totally draped over him. The little boy was sound asleep, his arms and legs hanging limp on his sides, his body supported by his father’s strong arms. I could only see a plethora of curls while the rest of his head was nestled on his daddy’s shoulders. Oh, to be that age again,to be able to rest so innocently in my strong daddy’s arms, totally unaware of anything happening around me, just absorbed in the safety of the moment… but I never had a dad like that, my mind responded to my plea. Mine was all business and no hugs. Oh, to know the safety of being cared for, I silently wished.
That’s when I heard Him invite me into His lap. Right there, in the middle of the busiest intersection in town, with cars to the left and right of me. “It’s yours for the taking, Child,” He said. “I am Daddy to you. And I long to hold you. I will tell you tenderly that my care for you is perfect. My shoulders are broad and my arms are powerful to shield you today. Come, and rest.”
I got to my prayer meeting a few minutes late. But I was a new person, having let my Daddy carry me all the way there.


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