Onion Layers

“I surrender all,” the song echoed in my head, “I surrender all. All to Thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender all.” Here we go again.
There was a time I thought I had surrendered all to my blessed Savior. All I knew to surrender was given over. And life went on. A few weeks later, God pointed out a biggie that I was holding on to–somehow I hadn’t seen it before. I fought to hold on to it, but of course the Living Word won and I was delivered. Total freedom indeed. Until a few weeks later. “Your desire to please yourself, it has to go,” Holy Spirit said. And so it went.
Some things go easily, others are harder to let go of. Sometimes I feel justified in holding on. But Jesus my Master always manages to melt my heart into surrender.

The master craftsman works diligently in me to produce the fruit of righteousness. He does not grow weary or tired, He gently convinces me to freely surrender as I taste of His love. He is shaping me into a vessel fit for His use.

I think of His perfect work in me as the layers of an onion being peeled back, one at a time. Some of them are thinner than skin and a gentle blow of His breath is sufficient to dissolve them. Others are tough and stubborn, demanding a stronger pull. He always uses the right strategy that brings me willingly to joyful surrender.
He knows the core of me. He knows my heart is sold out to Him, He sees me as His bride. One layer at a time, He removes the old until such day when I will be ready for Him, spotless and without blemish. He will come to take me home, and the wedding feast will begin.


  1. What a day that will be! The Scripture says that the whole church will be presented to Him without spot or blemish. Wow! It will be a declaration of the power of His blood, and a declaration of the magnitude of His mercy. What a day!


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