Just Being You

We had planned it since Christmas time, and I was quite looking forward to the week-end in Virginia with my daughter. We had lots of plans: pedicures, shop, winery, walk, eat, laugh, play, and whatever else might come up.
The weather was just about perfect–not too hot, sunny and comfortable. The pedicures were amazing: after getting your feet all ready for it, they plunged them into hot wax… almost unbearable for a few seconds, but it was one of those good hurts. I chose a purplelish bronze polish, and she went for a bright pink. We talked just about nonstop, and I thoroughly enjoyed the shiatsu massage during the entire experience. Shopping was profitable as we both found a couple of treasures (on sale, of course). Once back at her place, we packed up our picnic late lunch and headed to a winery about 40 minutes away. We took my husband along for this one. The setting was breathtaking with rolling hills of grape wines all around us. We lazily sipped on a bottle of good dry red wine while snacking on Brie and fancy crackers–oh, that life would always be this delicious! I slept all the way home–must have been the wine! But then I was ready for a nice walk through her neighborhood and I enjoyed her sharing it with me. It’s nice when you don’t need to fill the silence all the time; we are so comfortable with each other. At night, we grilled some shrimp and ate them over a salad with hot, crusty bread. Perfect day to say the least.
But it wasn’t the pedicure, or the shopping, or the winery, or even the walk or the yummy food that made my heart so full. It was … her! She gave of herself unselfishly to us for the week-end, generously lavishing her attention on us, just being who she was–no pretenses, heart wide open, real and beautiful.
I understand in a deeper way the riches of giving oneself over to another; there aren’t many gifts more precious than that. My heart and soul overflow with gratitude. I am so rich.

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