From the Inside Out

I realized a few months back how much I missed teaching group exercise class, so “From the Inside Out” was born–classes specifically designed to work all muscle groups without any equipment. These classes target the core and challenge the mind, because I am convinced that no one lives above what they think. I was endeavoring to change my exerciser’s thinking by letting them see how much they can actually do: once the mind sees what is possible, the body will respond even better, and the snowball effect starts. I want to help them be the winners that they are.
I rehearsed my choreography time and time again and got myself ready. Most of the ladies that had signed up were former clients of mine, and I was looking forward to seeing them again. But something I did not expect happened as they began to show up, one at a time: I remembered their specific ways that made them who they are: this one has issues with asthma, and that one has an arthritic toe. The one over there has a child in Iraq, and my short little one has knee issues and can’t jump. If the older lady in the back starts to laugh, we are done for the day! As I saw their faces, I realized once again how much I cared for them as people even much more than as clients.

We lunged and squatted and did more push-ups than I care to count. We sweated and laughed and stretched. And they saw that they could do more than they thought. Their accomplishments filled me with energy. My heart swelled with pride in them, and they gave me more than I could possibly give to them.
From the Inside out–what an appropriate name—anything worth doing truly stems from the inside out.
I am practicing class 3 and 4 this week; I can’t wait!

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