We sing a song in our church that basically says, “I say ‘YES, Lord!'” I have sung it many times, meaning it from the bottom of my heart. Yes, Lord, I say “yes” to You, I will obey, I will go when you call, I say “yes.”
This week, the Lord caused me to see this song in a whole new light. My YES isn’t only a yes to His call upon my life, a yes to obedience when faced with a choice. Rather, it is a YES to who He is, to what He says about Himself and me, to His way of thinking and being through and through.
I say YES to His declaration that I am righteous–that means I can’t let myself feel condemned.
I say YES to His declaration that I am never alone–loneliness has no place left in me.
I say YES to His declaration that He has a purpose for my life–I must let go of wasted time.
I say YES to His declaration that Jesus’ work is complete in every way; what is there to feel sorry about?
I say YES to His description of Himself: the Alpha and Omega, the Rock, the great I AM, the Forgiver of all sin, the Fountain of Life, the Wisdom of the Ages, the Provider, my Victory, the Healer, the Comforter, the Creator, the Exalted One, the Everlasting One, the great Shepherd–oh, depression, where is your sting?
A deeper, clearer understanding of my YES has filled my heart. I am not my own.


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