30 Years

I was so pleased with us after our first year of marriage. In today’s world, one year, it counts! But this week-end, my husband and I are celebrating 30 years of covenant love, and in today’s world, it really counts!
Much has happened in these 30 years and one thing is for sure: we are not who we were when we started this adventure! I was a little girl, immature and emotionally wrecked, but in love with Jesus and my new husband. Rich was a young man full of dreams without much direction, but solidly committed to His Savior and totally given over to his bride.
And we began to walk with God and each other, day in and day out.
We had some great days, and some very bad ones.
We held on tight to each other when everything shook and our hearts were shattered.
We practiced giving each other respect.
We have learned to allow each other breathing room, celebrating our differences rather than letting them frustrate us.
We are growing in the art of sharing our hearts with each other, and listening.
We excel at having fun.
We choose to trust each other daily, and to trust God when all seems broken.
After 30 years, I am no longer immature nor emotionally wrecked; my husband’s love has caused me to grow up and be stable. He is no longer a young man without direction; my steadfast trust in him has given him wings.
We make each other better.
And after 30 years of covenant love, I delight to report that we are both full of dreams for our future, and hope is rising daily. The simple commitment that began this whole adventure is the same “I DO” that we say every day with our actions and choices. It gives our love stability and strength.
We are going away for two days to celebrate what God has done, is doing and will be doing. I am in the happiest season of my life; and the best is yet to come.


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