He always knows how …

I love how the Lord speaks to me.

I don’t hear an audible voice, yet I know without the shadow of a doubt that God Himself has just spoken to me. Like the other day for example. After struggling with an issue for much longer than anyone should, I turned to Him this morning and asked, simply, “So, what’s up? How can I possibly walk out of this mess?” I was on the elliptical at the time—that’s where God and I have most of our talks; or in the woods, depending on the weather. I felt sweat roll down my back and I sensed Him telling me that I was too involved with myself; the solution was hidden somewhere outside of my own little world, and I would only hear it if I let go of me, myself and I. I considered this pearl of wisdom and found it to match His Word perfectly—it’s not all about me. I wiped the sweat off, took a deep breath and began to ask Him to grant me repentance, to turn my heart away from being involved with self and toward Him. I declared to Him that He alone is worthy of my allegiance, and I called on His name for a miracle in the deepest part of me. By then, it was time to get ready for church, so I hopped in the shower and decided to trust Him for my journey.

At church, I made the choice to be involved with Him rather than myself. I hugged His people on purpose, I smiled intentionally, I worshiped purposefully. It felt so right to practice putting myself on the shelf. And then the man of God stood up to teach. And you would have thought he had been listening on my conversation with God a couple of hours earlier when I was on the elliptical, for He relayed just about word for word my encounter with Jesus. I was almost in tears, sensing the Lord loving me by confirming to my heart what I had begun to move in.
Hope is rising as my heart turns to Him. May I live to Him with every breath that I take—may my life be about Him and Him alone.



  1. Barbara, thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I hope that you enjoyed another morning of worship and focusing on Him! Blessings!

    Sara @ Happy Brown House


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