On the Road

“Why don’t we take this exit and stop at the store on the way home? “ I ask my husband. He puts his blinker on and veers to the right. As we proceed down the exit, I notice a car with its four-way blinkers on…oh no, an accident—not what I had in mind. As I scan the road with my eyes, horror grips me deep in my belly: there are two bodies laying right there. No movement.

Without a word, my husband grabs his phone and jumps out of the car. He runs towards the bodies while dialing. My heart is beating into my ears. Lord, what should I do? I wish I could disappear.

“First aid kit!” I hear someone yell.

“Anybody has a first aid kit?” I am so relieved to think I don’t… but then I remember that I actually do—Oh Father, help me; I am afraid of what I am going to see. I close my mind to my emotions and tell my body to run in the direction of the bodies with the first aid kit in hand. The man lay on his side, a gaping wound on his forehead. Lots of blood on the road. I can see him breathing. “Don’t touch him, don’t touch him,” I hear a man scream. OK, OK, I won’t touch him. People are running all over the road, loudly yelling this and that. I tune all the voices out and watch the man breathe, his eyes closed, and his body immobile. He lost both shoes, but only one of his socks. The other one is grey, and on his left foot. Is he cold? We gave my emergency blanket to the other victim.

The puddle of blood is coagulated on the road by now, and all of a sudden, I wonder if he is conscious. Is he scared? Is he in pain? What’s his name? Michael? Jerome? Stephen? I bet he isn’t thirty years old. Is he dying? Why was he riding a bike without a helmet? Can he hear us?

All fear is gone out of me. I lower my head toward him and tell him, “We called 911. Help is on the way. Just keep breathing, Buddy. You are doing well.” And I pray aloud for him. “Keep breathing, help is on the way. It won’t be long.” His breathing is changing, becoming hoarser. Oh, Lord, have mercy on him…

The ambulance takes him away and all my emotions rush back into my heart.

I take a deep breath and thank the Lord for Life, so strong and yet so fragile. So precious and wonderful.

The young man was pronounced dead not even an hour later. His name was Jason. And he was thirty years old.




  1. Oh, my friend, my first reaction is to think, I'm so sorry that you had to see and deal with something so difficult. But then, my next thoughts are, Oh Lord, you put that thought in her mind to exit so that that precious young man could meet with your mercy, just before he left this place. Only God knows the rest of his story. But you were divinely placed there by God so that He could be there. You accomplished the will of God for those few moments; give Him all the rest. It's all too big for you to carry. I choose to believe that the young man is at home with the Lord now. Perhaps God will reveal his family to you so that you can comfort them with how the living God diverted you from your way to be with their son. If it is God's will, then it will happen. Well done, my friend. I'm proud of you.


  2. WOw. Powerful story. Like you said on my blog, God places us where he will use us. It is no “coincidence” that you asked your husband to go that way and that you were one of the last voices and prayers that young man heard. I am thankful He sent you and not someone that didn't know Jesus. Great post… and sad.


  3. Barbara, I came over from Tell Me A Story…this is is powerful and beautifully written. I was right there looking over your shoulder.

    Powerful in the sense that your emotions were so real. “I wish I could disappear.” And your desire to know this man….powerful human connections.

    You probably won’t know until you get to Heaven the impact of your prayer. You were God’s vessel that day – His Voice, His Heart, His Hand.

    Awesome story. Thank you for posting it. I give all Glory to Jesus!


  4. That is so difficult….I don’t care what anyone else yells at me…I WILL pray and that may be their only chance for Jesus. I have learned the hard way and have asked God to help me when it is NOT life or death. Let me practice now, hearing God’s voice, so I can hear clearly when it is a life and death situation. They might not all be laying out, hurt on the road, either. Some are the walking wounded or walking dead and so very much need resurrection life! You did well!! You did well!! I liked it when you said you pushed past your emotions. How often do we all need to do that on a daily basis! Be instant in season, I mean. God bless your brave heart! You might want to hear my recent story at my blogspot. Blessings!


  5. Oh the gift you gave him and his family is unmeasurable. I am sorry for your pain, too, as I know that feeling of inadequacy too well. Thank you for this piece.


  6. I hope you can find comfort in the kind words you offered him. I’m sure that if he was conscious he needed to hear a motherly voice. What a terrible, terrible thing to witness, what a terrible thing to have happened.


  7. Wow! After reading the comments and marinating over the events, my thoughts are that even in fear you allowed God to use you to be the calming voice and presence Jason needed in his final moments. There was chaos all around but a calming spirit was next to him to console him and pray for him when he needed it most.


  8. You needed to do what you needed to do. Hopefully, his heart was opened to the Lord, before it was broken to the world. You just broke MY heart. Joy fled out. BUT God’s peace WILL fly/flood in. Thank you for sharing so clearly, realistically. Greatly appreciated.


  9. You were at the right time in the right place. To pray. In the Netherlands all people cycling without a helmet. My girlfriend was killed in a traffic accident when she was 12. I remember that because of your story.


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