Road Trip

I love road trips. I love to dream about where we are going, plan the trip and then go.

A few times a year, my husband and I just go. Sometimes we stay close to home and just go to a hotel in Pittsburgh to explore the city, or we’ll rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere and disappear from society for a few days. Other times we go visit family or just discover to a brand new place.

We love everything about it: the change of pace, the unexpected things that happen and the discoveries we make, fun foods, the break from the everyday routine, the spur of the moment decisions. I am a planner in everything I do, and I have to force myself not have a rigid agenda when we are on a road trip. It takes a mindset to let go at first, but I am telling you, it’s nice, very nice…

Something wonderful happens when you are away from work and daily obligations—the mind begins to relax and thought patterns change; it’s almost like giving yourself permission to dream and let your whole being wander. Priorities resurface, breathing is lighter and joy fills the being.

We drove to Montreal yesterday. We had twelve lovely hours in the car together. We enjoyed a book on CD, looked at the countryside passing by, laughed and just sat in silence. I found myself counting my blessings and my heart filled with thankfulness for all that God has given me. It did me good. So now I sit here, in my mother-in-law’s living room, and we are chatting about this and that… I give her all of my attention, it makes her thoroughly happy. That’s what I am here for.

When we get home in a couple of days, we’ll pick up where we left off. Until the next road trip. It all adds up to life: the everyday routine which has something very comforting about it, the little things that we do to spice things up, the exciting road trips…

Life is good.


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