Awesome God

It is a good thing to consider God’s awesomeness. He made the universe and runs it day and night. He shepherds His people and balances the rain fall with the perfect amount of sunshine to nourish the earth and cause it to produce all we need for sustenance. He rules the rulers of this world. He even planned for the salvation of mankind before the beginning of time. He is the Great Avenger, the Victorious Warrior, the Conqueror, the Lover of Mankind. My heart and mind could dwell on these for the rest of my days and still not truly understand their worth.

Yes, He is the mighty Alpha and Omega. Yet today I am filled to overflow with the awareness of His very personal care for me. My Heavenly Father took time this morning to intimately wrap His arms around my shoulders and give me instructions that I might not trip. My brother Jesus reminded me of His total commitment to me. Precious Holy Spirit kindly pointed to what He had planned for the glory of the Father through me today. My heart exults that I can call Him mine.

He involves Himself with every thought that runs through my heart; He delights in me coming to Him and sharing my very soul with Him.

In the midst of my day, He dropped a totally unexpected love note into my spirit yesterday. All of me soared like an eagle, and every trace of weariness lifted off. I laughed when I realized how much He delights in giving me pleasure.

He also knows how to melts my heart to such a degree that I am moved to action—never because “I should”—always because of His touch deep within me. And then the branch bears fruit because it is linked to the wine, the great Initiator. And He gets all the credit.

His love received is like a river that waters me deep within, refreshing any dried-up place. As I let His love affect my heart, I get all unwrinkled, and the beauty of Him alone shines through this very imperfect vessel. This alone is mind-boggling for all eternity. But then, He pours His Word into my readied soul and I marvel at His ability to speak right to my heart. How could He have written those things just for me so many years ago?

The Ruler of all creation is my personal gentle Shepherd.



  1. I need some of THAT love right about now!!! You've truly captured a glimpse into God's beautiful heart with this one..and I feel just a little bit closer to Him than I did before. Bless you sister!!


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