She dared to believe in him. She threw all of her confidence in him and gave him permission to be all that he was called to be. Her actions showed that she trusted him to be a real man. And when he became aware of her faith in him, he dared to begin to think that his life might actually count for something. He woke up to the joy of fulfillment and found himself rising to the occasion.

I understand our thirst for grandeur. It isn’t always the need for being patted on the back, or the thrill of being better than so-and-so. It goes way deeper than that. We are wired to accomplish great things, and to love it.

But what is extraordinary, I wonder. What does it mean, “to accomplish great things?” Is it exploits, feats not experienced by the common folks, discovering the cure for cancer?

I strongly believe in the power of everyday life. Extraordinary is found in men and women like you and me who get up each morning, go to work, come home to their families and are involved in the little nothings of life—changing diapers, helping with homework, paying bills, going grocery shopping, tucking children in at night, scrubbing toilets, extending a hand to the needy. My son Matthieu is such a great example of this.  He is “steady Freddy” in all of his ways, quietly changing the world around him, one faithful day at a time, one small act of kindness at a time, one timely word at a time.

The little nothings of life have become a crown around his heart that beautifies him through and through. More than that, it declares the excellencies of our King. Extraordinary is found in those who, like him, live life fully, injecting joy and purpose in the little nothings of life—loving a child with each diaper change, teaching about God’s awesomeness with each homework session, proclaiming His provision as they write the check for the electric bill, whispering their love to little ones as they fall asleep, meditating on the cleansing power of the blood while they clean their houses, holding people close to their hearts as they give freely in the name of Jesus. They let His fragrance fill every mundane act of their day. They may live ordinary lives, but are anything but ordinary.

Extraordinary people of which the world is not worthy, walking right among us…. Oh, let me be one of them, Lord Jesus!



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