Overcoming Sadness

Overwhelming sadness glued to my heart

Attached to me just like a leech

Paralyzing sorrow woven within

Bleeding all life right out of me

How will I take my next breath?

My sickened soul weighs more and more

I am the living dead

Buried alive, Severed from life

And raw with pain

How will I smile again?

The Voice from heaven was loud and clear:

“This sadness is an enemy

Not to be worn by you, my child”

I fell to my knees

Father in Heaven, deliver me

Sobered, I chose

Sobered, I spoke

You are the One who holds me up

Your hand can reach within the wounds

Renouncing all sadness within

I stood up tall as who I am

The daughter of the King of kings

I am alive to Him today

Sadness, be gone!

Sadness, be gone!

To Him alone is my allegiance

He made me glad.

He made me glad.


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