I just had a generous serving of piping hot chili followed by pumpkin pie… Oh my goodness, talk about a perfect meal for me at this time of year!  The air is crisp, and the leaves are gorgeous, and it smells like fall all over the place. 
Yet I know that fall is fleeting, and winter is on its heel. I shiver at the thought of it.  But then, I remember the feeling of fresh snow crunching under heavy boots in the woods, and the cozy fireplace waiting for me at home; Christmas with all of its magic–I smile.  It’s not that bad after all.

Embrace, don’t fight–that’s the key for me!
I am learning to embrace the seasons as they come. There isn’t anything I can do about them; they are here, whether I want them to or not.  I can choose to grumble and wish them away, but it won’t change a thing; I can choose to welcome them and enjoy what they bring.  My choice; daily.

I am in a brand new season in my life.  The kids are all out of the house, and my husband and I have adjusted to being “empty nesters.”  We both work hard during the day, but most nights are ours, uninterrupted and lovely.  We aren’t really TV watchers, so we are perfecting the art of conversation–and loving it.  We have time for dreaming, playing and friends in need.  We are rediscovering books and good music.  And being available to the Lord.  And you know what?  I love it.  I am embracing today and all it entails.
God only knows what my tomorrow will bring..

If I have learned anything about seasons, it is that they come and they go.  They might be somewhat predictable, yet they have a way of keeping me on my toes.  But as long as I don’t wish them away, I can savor their individual flavors.
I think I am going to wrap a nice warm blanket around me and enjoy watching the leaves in my backyard slowly dancing their way to the ground while I listen to Norah Jones and sip on some Cabernet…


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