The man with the big Red Hat

I sensed him checking me out as I walked past him.  He had a big red hat, flowing jet black hair, sunglasses and a pair of wide silky red pants–looked like he came right out of a horror movie.  His cigarette glowed in the dusk and I hurried my step just a bit.
I came across a very long bridge a few minutes later and began my way across it. Within a few seconds, I spotted him on the other side, going in the same direction I was.  He walked a little faster and started to whistle loudly.  A sense of great danger came over me.  It was pretty dark by now.  I hurried my step as much as I could without breaking into a jog and I started to shake. While reaching for my phone in my pocket I called on the name of the LORD.  “Deliver me from evil, King Jesus, please deliver me.” 
My husband on the other side of the phone promised to come get me.  So I kept walking without looking back.  And I kept praying.  I came to the end of the bridge and turned left, not quite aware of where I was, still talking on the phone–to my friend Danni now.  Her familiar voice helped settle me down.  By now I was a little disoriented, but I made myself not look back, for fear of seeing the strange man right behind me.  Within a few minutes I spotted our car and relief hit my body. 

Indeed, King Jesus, You delivered me from evil today. 

I am thankful for His very present help in time of need.  Today, I was very much aware of Him rescuing me through my husband and Danni.  But how often am I delivered from evil and don’t even know it?  What an amazing Savior I have!  I am surrounded by His care day after day.

Today is the day that the Lord has made.  I will make sure to rejoice and be glad in it.  It feels great to be alive.


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