No Place like Home

There’s no place like home…

They come back every so often, loaded with laundry and stories to tell. I sit and listen and share the moments with them.

As I watch them move about, I see how life has changed them. Or rather, how they have worked with what happened to them and have become wiser, better, kinder… I smile in contentment. They have learned to take the bad with the good, knowing that God is there at every turn to uphold them and make them shine for His glory.

They talk about real life issues with a maturity that takes me by surprise. But then I remember that they really do live in the real world, no longer sheltered by mom and dad. They have practiced leaning on the One who is strong enough.

They laugh with such pleasure, savoring the sweet taste of joy, knowing the power of being loved and accepted.

They interact with each other as adults now. There is a compassionate understanding in them concerning difficult issues. They don’t consider the weight of responsibility that comes with being a family—they see it as a privilege. “It’s a reflex, Mom!”

I look at them in amazement and my heart soars. . Oh, Lord, You’ve done good!

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