Counting my blessings, and naming them one by one…

The Word of God, reliable to the very end
Rich, my wonderful husband who has stood with me for the last 30 plus years, and it just bet better
Matthieu, my strong son, steady as a rock
Maelys, my sweet daughter filled with kindness and love
Daniel, my youngest son, the dream accomplisher
My church family that lives everyday life with our family
Holy Spirit, my counselor
My warm, cozy home, provision from heaven
The sunshine that warms my heart
The rain that brings about fruit
The beauty of the snow
The Love of God in my heart for the less fortunate–it serves as a catalyst for His will through me
My praying sisters
My loving sisters
My fun sisters
Christmas and all its gooey feelings
Great food, and candles, and wines, and times together
My job and how it affects those around us
Hope for the future
My sun room where many conflicts have been resolved with serious conversations
My hot tub where many aches and pains have been repalced with a relaxed feeling
Clean, crisp sheets
My friend’s unselfish love
Surprises that remind me that I am loved
The joy of giving
The joy of praying
My husband’s kindness toward me
The joy of sharing in the lives of those I love
My future grand-children
The moon, and the sun and the stars–God’s amazing creation


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