Tailor of my Soul

Oh Tailor of my soul,

Please sew within my being

Your love, so pure, divine

With threads of blood poured out

by the Lamb slain for me…

Oh Dove of God in me

Please write within my soul

By Holy Spirit’s power

A Song of Praise to You

That would be Your delight…

Potter of who I am,

Please craft within my heart

By Your beautiful hands

A vessel valuable,

Fit for the Master’s use…

Oh River in my soul,

Please pour within my core

The everlasting water

That will refresh Your people

And glorify Your name…

Oh my marvelous Father

Please let me dwell with You

Your presence is my breath

Your being is my strength

Your life is all I need.

Linking up with Beholding Glory and Good Morning Girls



  1. […] And as I hungrily let it fill my belly, I realized that even though it has more letters and a different dictionary definition, it basically is the same word as my one word for 2013. And I like that. I like that God gets to me through different ways, but He clearly keeps my focus on what He is working into me. […]


  2. It’s a prayer – a beautiful, heartfelt prayer. You are a precious child of God and I’ll bet you ARE His delight. Thank you for sharing this… Janet


  3. Good Morning from Three Word Wednesday!

    This is such a beautiful poem. I can’t help thinking that it is just the kind of prayer that God loves to hear the most. He wants to work in your life, and you are asking him to do just that. It’s a ‘match’!

    You have a lovely way with words, Barbara. Thank you for finding this gem to share today.

    Happy Wednesday!


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