Whatever My Lot…

The hymn says, “Whatever my lot, Thou hath taught me to say, ’It is well, it is well with my soul.’” Pretty powerful words…

Things weren’t going too good for me; you know, one of those days where it seems that everywhere I turned, there was another problem, another disappointment, another unpleasant task in front of me. I wanted very much to be an ostrich for a few hours—bury my head in the sand and just hibernate as long as I could. Maybe just skip today altogether. Ever felt that way?

But life doesn’t work that way, and God wouldn’t let me just skip the day. He actually had a plan for me in the midst of my frustrations. He wanted for me to know Him right in the storm…

If it weren’t for “nasty” days, I may not know the comfort of His Word that carries me; I may not experience the joy of knowing that my life is so much more than the sum of my situations; I may not have the opportunity to practice contentment in view of His love.

If my life is about knowing Him, then each one of my circumstances, whether great or not in my eyes, is another opportunity to see Him more clearly as who He is.

When I am too weak to resist temptation, I find Him strong in me.

When I am having difficulties loving someone, I find His love taking over.

When my heart is shattered, I find Him to be the One who can put it together again—with no broken lines remaining.

When tumors have grown in my walk, I find Him to be the perfect surgeon.

When I hurt for those I love, I find Him to be comfort like no other.

When my patience runs thin, I find the fruit of Holy Spirit working in me.

When my very foundation is shaken, I find His Word to be ever true.

Oh, to know Him more….



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