I have come to the conclusion that it’s all a matter of perspective. Not many people would argue that fact. I look at something one way, and you look at it another way; neither one is right or wrong, it’s just a matter of how you or I see it–perspective! The glass is just as halfway empty as it is halfway full.
That’s the easy part.

While pondering these matters, I started to wonder the why.  How come people have such different angles on the same situation?  And what makes my perspective mine? Why do I adopt it without even considering an alternative? Is it because of who I am, is it my brain, my history? And why do I look at something one way one day, and see it totally differently the next? Same person, same brain, same history…
That’s the complicated part.

Seemingly because of the economy, the company I work for as an independent has chosen to cut my hours and seriously reduce my hourly wage. I am losing about two-thirds of my income; that’s a nice chunk of change. Not that we are going to go hungry or anything, but we certainly will need to tighten the belt in a few areas.
My perspective at first was one of dread, and somewhat “doom and gloom.” I felt as though I was standing on shaky ground, not quite sure if my world was about to collapse. Within a few days, though, I sensed my heart letting go of fear and my perspective shifted. What I dreaded became the source of excitement–I am on a new adventure! Same person, same brain, same history, totally different perspective…
I can only attribute this transformation to the work of God in me. My initial way of looking at things was my gut-reaction to the situation. I guarded my heart, committed my way to the Lord and just waited. In the process, I considered who He truly is.  And the miracle “just” happened—a change of mind in the deepest part of me.
That’s the God part.


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