I often don’t want to yield to the littles in my life, or I want too much to yield to some other littles that I ought to run from. One little, how can it make a difference? Just one little–it’s not the end of the world, the earth won’t shutter, my life won’t fall apart, no one will die. Just one little–how could it possibly make a difference; no one will notice; it’s not worth it.

Here are some littles of life have affected me personally:

~Someone has hugged me when I felt like dirt; it totally changed my outlook forever
~I planted a tiny, seemingly insignificant tomato seed and got over 100 tomatoes back
~I obeyed the Lord and sent an email that changed a person’s life
~A flame so small you could hardly see it managed to burn my entire house down and destroy all my earthly possessions
~My daughter gave me a little gift certificate that launched my career
~Someone gave me a simple book to read and its pictures drew me to Jesus, the King.
~I caught a tiny glimpse of my husband-to-be and I never recovered; three wonderful, productive human beings later, I still am totally in love with him
~I chose to disregard a small tug at my heart and I wound up in a very big mess
~I read a book and as a result, a new well got dug in Africa giving an entire village clean, drinkable water
~A friend shared a single verse with me that caused my entire body to come in line

Just one little bite of the apple, just one penny saved, just one coat of paint on the grey walls of my friend’s heart—who cares?
The conscience cares, the debt cares, the broken heart cares…

Today—how many littles am I embracing? Or ducking?