The second time around…

If I would have a chance to have another wedding, I would do it all different. I was young, and I really did not know what I wanted. Plus, my idea of what matters has changed so much in the last 31 years. But I don’t plan to do it again, I am happily married, thank you very much.

If only I could do it over again, I would… If only I had a second chance, I would…. The second time around, I would…

But you are not going to get a second chance at what is gone by. You probably will have many opportunity to do new things right, but the days that are past are gone, for real. So don’t look back with wishful thinking, my friend—it is such a waste of energy; look forward in Jesus’ name!

A brand new path stands before you. It is called today. And you can never, ever have it back. Your best decision is to make it a masterpiece right now.


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