Trial and Future Successes

They call it “trial and error.” But I think they should be renamed “trial and future success.”

How can you ever succeed without the errors that came in the trial? That’s how we people learn. Sometimes, the experience is successful from beginning to end, and these are wonderful days to enjoy with a thankful heart. Most often than not though, my life experience winds up a mixture of partial successes and flat-out defeats. What went wrong? Was my attitude at fault? Or did I look at things from the wrong angle? Was my perception skewed? Where did I miss it? Or was it simply that the circumstances did not lend themselves to the perfect achievement?

My error in the trial generally leads me to make some necessary changes. My error can cause me to see a bright, red Stop sign. Or a U-turn sign. Or a Yield… My errors are teachers for sure; from stern and rigid to kind and humorous, depending on the trial.

~They teach me that I must be flexible, always—unless I am dealing with principles, in which case I cannot let myself bend; better to just give up then, for success would mean compromise on what I stand for.

~They teach me that my attitude has everything to do with the outcome of my experience. Errors don’t have to upset me. It’s quite all right to not have it all figured out the first time around. I will learn, and I’ll run smarter, faster, better afterwards.

~They teach me that I am human and I learn by doing. Period.

~They teach me that going around a wall is often smarter than continually banging my head against it without any result. It’s called humility.

~They teach me that life is exciting.

~They teach me that they should be called “future successes.”


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