I believe in miracles.  I believe in the power of prayer. I have full confidence that God hears me.  I believe that He rescues me from enemies too big for me.  Yes, He rescues. Yes He delivers.

But I also believe that God is not mocked.  And that His way is perfect.  And that prayer is not an ATM in which you put in your request and the stuff comes out…

There isn’t any magic in God.

Just grace.  Freely granted and accepted.  Grace to turn away from looking at what entices my heart in the wrong direction; grace to fully face my day with the kind of attitude that pleases Him; grace to obey His Word rather than my feelings; grace to move in the self-control granted in the Holy Spirit. 
When I speak to my Father about my own shortcomings, I might desire Him to wave a magic wand and make me perfect.  But I find His answer to be quite different. More often then not, after reassuring me of His perfect love for me, He goes to work in my heart and mind. He opens my eyes to destructive habits or ways that have brought about my messed-up heart. He reminds me that His salvation granted me everything pertaining to life and godliness. He assures me that the gift of Holy Spirit living in me is more than enough for a life of victory.

God has wrapped up all of life in our relationship with Him and the choices that we make because of it.  Prayer? Absolutely!  It prepares the heart for these choices.  Fellowship with our wonderful Father strengthens us to follow through.  But ultimately, it is in our yielding to Him that we find His power wonderfully working in and through us.


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