Life can be difficult at times…  for all kinds of reasons, reallly.  Sometimes, we’ve just been dealt a raw deal, and there’s nothing we can do about it.  At other times, we find ourselves in a funk–no real reason for it, yet it’s real and we can’t seem to shake it.  More often than not, the difficulties are of our own doing, and then we think we deserve the pain… There is also the worst kind of pain: the suffering of those we love, and how it eats at our hearts because we love them so… Yes, life can be tough at times. 

I have been well taught. I have lots of practice with the discipline of choosing truth over against my feelings. I know not to carry burdens too big for my soul, I have learned to release them into the hand of the One who can actually do something about it.  But between you and me, there are days where the heaviness of my own heart overwhelms and frightens me.  I can’t figure myself out.  And I can’t escape myself.  My dark places are ugly.  And to top it all off, I feel guilty about it; I know better, you know…

And for me, the days where an icecream cone could make it all better are long gone.

Yet in the nitty gritty of it all, deep within my soul, I am aware that I am never alone. 
In the darkest pit He is there.
When my heart is confused, He is there. 
When my mind rebels, He is there.
When I wonder whether I can go on, He is there.
When all I thought I had disappears, He is there.
When I can’t find my song, He is there.
When I am lost in an ocean of lonelines, He is there.
When I am at fault, He is there.
When those I love leave me, He is there.
When my heart is filled with sadness, He is there.
When I feel like I’m dying on the inside, He is there.

Never, ever, ever alone
That is my destiny.


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