It is gloomy and rainy outside today, and I am home alone with Charlie, my son’s dog that I am watching for a few days.  He is curled up on my lap as I am typing this post, and his body heat feels strangely comforting against me.
Charlie used to dislike me quite a lot…his visits with me were continuous barking sessions, and he was so miserable, and totally relieved when his master came to pick him up. And if I am going to be honest, so was I!  Oh well, it’s just a dog anyway.  Who cares if he doesn’t like me? I don’t really like him either.

But this time around, things are different.  We made friends right away, Charlie and I.  It’s really strange, but very cool.  He likes me! No barking, no attitude, just a happy dog that follows me around and loves to be petted.  His expectant attitude entices me to do things for him I really never intended to do… like go for an extra walk, or drop a little piece of meat on the floor on purpose.  His excitement makes it so much fun.  I actually caught myself looking forward to seeing him when I got home today.
It’s a dog, for goodness sake, who cares?  Well, I guess I do now.  What changed?  Nothing on my part, that I know of.  Charlie changed, and Charlie let me know that he likes me.  His affection and behavior totally cause me to like him back and do silly things for him….
Moral of this anecdote?  If you want someone to love you back, be like Charlie!


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