Time to give up!

Sometimes I just feel like giving up.  Just be done with it all.  Too much work, too much discipline, too much thinking, too much. Period! Let’s just throw it all out and do my own thing; forget what my conscience says, what the Word says, what I know is right, just give up.  Ever felt that way?
But today, I decided to look at little more closely at what it really is I feel like giving up.  And I realize that it’s not the Word, not my conscience, not what’s right.  What I want to do away with is simply the hard work and the discipline.  I want to be selfish and not care sometimes.  I want my way.  Unfortunately, I know from experience that no matter how great this may sound on paper, when all is said and done it never works out to anyone’s benefit.  At the end, I would be left with no discipline, no purpose, no sense of worth, a stained conscience, people in a bad mood around me, and a rotten attitude to boot.
So today, I am changing what I am giving up.   I am giving up being selfish and getting my way.  I am giving up worrying and being involved with me, myself and I.  I am giving up the notion that work is hard and discipline is too much.   I am holding on to the Word, my conscience and what is right.  I am embracing work as a means to an end and discipline as the forger of Godly character.
I feel about a hundred pounds lighter.  This giving up stuff can be pretty cool!  God calls it walking by grace instead of works.


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