Waiting for his Bride

He waited for her all of his life.  He longed for her long before he met her. He dreamed about her, prepared for her, kept himself for her.
And then he met her.  And his whole world was tipped upside down.  His mind could hardly grasp the love that his heart was feeling, and his body yearned for her.  She was the one.  He knew it.  She knew it.  This was it.
So together, they dreamed about their wedding day, prepared for it, kept themselves for it.
The day came.
As he stood waiting for her in front of the witnesses , I saw his eyes dance with anticipation.  His smile was a second away from bursting into laughter; he was about to behold his bride.  His one and only for whom he had waited all of his life.  The one he prepared for, the one he kept himself for.
The door opened and he saw her.
Breathtakingly beautiful, she smiled and their eyes locked.  Confident of his love for her, convinced of her commitment to him, she stepped out into the aisle to meet her groom—her beloved, her one and only.  The one she prepared herself for, the one she kept herself for.
Oh, how worth the wait was.
Oh, how sweet the moment.
Love—pure, committed, costly.
His lips quivered and his face dissolved into a river of tears.
And I can’t help but think about Jesus, my Groom. The day will come when He will come to claim me.  I will lock eyes with Him and walk towards Him for the consummation of The Wedding Feast.

My lips quiver and my face dissolves into a river of tears.


  1. Aunt Barbara, I know I don't comment very often, but I just wanted to say how much I love and am encouraged by what you write!! Thanks for sharing what the Lord is showing you in such a real way.


  2. Such a sweet picture of that day when our Jesus comes for us and we see Him face to face that first time…and then enter into blessed eternity together. Thank you for sharing Danny & Lara's wedding in such a beautiful way. How blessed they are in one another.


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