Birthday Wish

It’s my birthday! It happens to the best of us, once every year; and to the worst of us, just as often.
Today I am 52 years young.
If I was granted a birthday desire, what would it be?  The answer certainly depends on the parameters of  this granted birthday wish.  Does it have to be about me?  Any desire realized is somehow about me because it makes me happy.  If I am allowed to express a desire concerning those I love, my heart immediately turns to the secret longings that I hold for my children; not that they haven’t learned to be content in every circumstance–because they have– but just because I desire for them to soar in life, tasting even more of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness.
A greater responsibility would come if the expressed desire could be anything in the whole world.  Self-involvement would clearly seem absurd, and I would gladly lay down my hidden secret longings for the good of all mankind. The sacrifice would be sweet and delightful.  My wish would be for all men to come to the knowledge of the Creator who loves them perfectly.
But no one gave me such an option today.  I wasn’t given permission to wish unto a change in the whole world just because it happens to be the day of my birth, nor did I receive the power to fulfill my longings for my children.  What I was given today though is another opportunity to live gracefully in view of the love that my Lord has for me.  So when I heard Him say to me this morning, “What do you wish?” all I could answer was, “I want to know You more.”  That is my birthday wish.


  1. And with that very appropriate request, He will surely reveal Himself even more to you, and you will continue to be a blessing to your family and your friends–those close to you and those across the globe, and a blessing to the strangers to whom you open your hand to bless in His name. That's a birthday wish fulfilled!


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