Summer Time

Summer time, and the living is easy… Slow coffee on the patio in the morning, evenings with friends outside, lazy afternoons and good books, butterfly watching and drive-in movies…
Yeah right!
My summer is nothing like that idyllic picture.  Weekdays filled to the brim, and week-ends spilling over with activities.  Fun ones, mind you, but activities nonetheless: one son got married, we explored the city one week-end just because, moved our daughter from one city to another, have two other wonderful weddings to attend, are planning to host a garden party, and doing house and yard renovations…
But it’s all good as I am learning to embrace the busyness while drinking deeply of each moment.  And enjoying the pockets of quietness in between.
My day today started with teaching a high energy boot camp, then taking a client on a walk.  After that, I had an hour at home in which I got some computer work done and changed my sheets–yep, that needs done every few days.  Personal training four more clients in the middle of the day, then a run to spend time outside alone with God.  An hour at home to pay bills and do some writing, then I will be teaching a challenging circuit class.  All along, I will listen to the quiet voice within that tells me to not fret over tomorrow; to not go there yet.  Why would I?  There is a whole day to live today.  I will sweat, laugh, and thoroughly feel the work in my muscles along with my clients.
After my last class tonight, I plan to have dinner on the patio with my husband.  We will watch the evening slowly invite us into its dance.  I’m going to let it entice me and delight in its golden light on the oak trees in my backyard.  I’ll  listen delightfully to my husband as he tells me about his day.  I will take a few deep breaths while looking for fire flies and counting the stars.  We might even share a glass of wine before calling it a day.
Busy?  Yes, but it’s just right somehow. The key is wrapped up in the awareness of the moment.
Life is good.


One comment

  1. It sounds like you are fully enjoying each moment of summer! I think you’re right – “The key is wrapped up in the awareness of the moment.” Thanks for sharing and for linking up with NOBH. Smiles –


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