I was thinking about  the word “steeped” last week, and how it pertains to my life.  The dictionary defines it as “to drench, to immerse in or saturate or imbue with some pervading,absorbing, or stupefying influence or agency.”

I am finding out that many of my ways are steeped  in my early upbringing as a young teen-age Christian; my thinking is saturated with what I have been told is so.  Too immature to think for myself, too young to know any different, I accepted all that I was taught as truth–swallowed it all up.  Which is all fine and dandy until I grew up, life happened and I found that it doesn’t all match up to the truth of His written word.

What do you mean thing are not the way I have been told all along?
What do you mean there are more than one way to look at this or that?
Is it even remotely possible that my thinking could be skewed? And what if it is?
And what if I have put God in a box?
Do you mean to tell me that what I held as gospel truth all these years might just be a man’s interpretation of truth, and not the truth?
Well, how will I know what is, then?

I am being challenged to think for myself.  Imagine that!  I am being asked to reason in view of Scriptures studied and revealed rather than simply accept what I have been told.

I can think of a few things worth being steeped into me: the supremacy of the love of God, the vital importance of kindness, the validity of His Word, the wise principle of watching over my heart and my mouth.  There are many others, though, that deserve a second look.

Oh, for the humility to do so before God and men!


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