My daily color code

My day starts with a white page.  Every single time.

I fill it with colors of all kinds–the more colors I have, the more interesting the day will be.

I faithfully color my everyday life through my desk top agenda: BLUE for personal stuff, RED for business/work related activities, BLACK for lists of things I must buy, BROWN for projected meals, GREEN for foods I must prepare, TAN for my friend’s birthdays that I want to somehow mark, PURPLE for people I want to pray for that day… Any activity that happens with other people or is an errand is then bolded.
Hot coffee in hand, I open my agenda every morning and design a rainbow! Within a few minutes, it gives me a clear picture of what my day is going to be like.  And it makes me smile.
As each errand or task is finished, I delete that line.  As the hours move on and the day draws to a close, the colors disappear one at a time and the quietness of WHITE comes back to me.  The feeling of accomplishment is delicious–like a satisfying meal that has just enough fat to fill my belly, and crunch to make my mouth happy.  I savor it and close the day by saving the changes.  Tomorrow is another day. A new adventure with a rainbow.


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