It’s All Relative

There was a season when we were very poor financially.  Poor enough to have to use cloth diapers (not by choice) and wash them by hand because we had no washer and no money to go to the laundry mat.  I kept them in a bucket outside my front door and they would freeze in the winter….  Poor enough that I could not write to my mom who lived overseas because I could not find the money for stamps–internet did not exist back then. In my book that was pretty poor.  But I guess it’s all relative, isn’t it?  Because for someone in the slums, I probably looked like I lived in a castle. It depends on the standard used to measure wealth.

I feel wealthy now.  We have all that we need.  We never have to think about where the money for a specific bill will come from, we have a little money in the bank and food in the freezer.  We take little vacations and are free to give as the Lord leads us.  And if I want to buy flowers, I can do that.  But I guess it’s all relative, isn’t it?  Because for someone in a castle, I probably look like I live in the slums. It depends on the standard used to measure wealth.

It does indeed matter whether I have food on the table, and money to pay the bills, and heat in my house.  But I have discovered the secret of being financially poor and feel rich beyond words.  And I have experienced deep depression in the midst of worldly riches.  As I have grown older and hopefully a bit wiser, I understand that poverty and wealth are attitudes of the heart first of all. Come to think of it, all of my life or lack thereof starts and finishes with my heart. That is where the true relativity happens.  That is where the standard is established.  Not in comparing ourselves to others, but in measuring ourselves against the written word of God. 

It tells me that it is well with my soul.  No matter what.  Wherever.  Always.  That’s a great standard used to measure wealth!


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