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I have a dream… and it is slowly growing into a goal, which  is simply a dream with a date on it.  Once I write it down and give it a deadline, it becomes a reality that I can articulate, smell and almost taste.

I have a goal with a deadline, and I have started to give it sub-goals, stuff that I must do every single day in order to get there.  That’s how we lost thousands of pounds at NEWAY, and that’s how we continue to live–one tiny little task at a time.

So in order to make my dream a reality, one of my first tasks is to grow this blog exponentially.  Like hundreds or thousands of time.  A bit scary.  But then I remember, one little task at a time.  So here I go, friends, and I am asking your help. Please invite all of your friends to visit me, and we’ll all grow together.

Do you have a goal–a dream with a date on it?  Leave a comment and let’s hear it! Then we can begin to live life out loud together.  For real.