Wednesday’s Ws…

How about some real interaction on this blog?

Should you take on the challenge, you are going to step out of your comfort zone each Wednesday and share slices of your own LIFE adventure with each other.  Out loud.  You can write a few words, a few sentences or a few pages.  Oh my… You never have to, it’s just a choice.  And the challenges won’t be too personal–unless you want them to be!

Committing your voice to paper is big in my book, even if you do it anonymously.  There’s just something about letting others into your thought life. It’s like inviting them to share little pieces of you.  And that’s how you build friendships–by letting others in.

Let’s build a village together.

So get ready, my friends.  We start tomorrow…



  1. Barb, you’ve done an awesome job with your page here, it is beautiful. I agree, it is a difficult thing to just ‘put yourself out there’ I find that in my writing, is often exposes your intermost soul..but often so refreshing. 🙂


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