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WHO has had the most positive influence in your life in the past, apart from God, your parents and your spouse?  And what about right now?  Or would you like to talk about negative influences in your life?

I’ll go first.

In High School, I had a teacher who taught something we call “MORAL” in Europe.  They are supposed to teach you life values and add a bit of philosophy to it—make you think.  This teacher just loved to make fun of my faith in Jesus and continually asked me challenging questions about why I believed what I believed.  As hard as he was on me, he forced me to analyze what I stood for and why.  And he certainly influenced me more than most, making me stand on my own two feet of faith.

Today, the most positive influence on my life is wrapped up in 7 ladies, my prayer group that meets once a week.  Their unwavering commitment to the Lord and the church strengthens me continually.

As far as negative influences in my life, I’ll let this one go for today…

Your turn!